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Background Music Service For Your Business

Background music is important for any restaurant, bar, hospitality service or retail location. Background music helps create the atmosphere for your business that your staff and patrons will experience. Background music can also help you increase sales at your retail location if used correctly.  The StoreStreams background music service can put together custom playlists that creates that perfect vibe for your business.

Keep in mind it is important to choose a background music provider that fits your needs.

At StoreStreams we take the time to understand your business and most of all your patrons demographic. We work with you to develop a comprehensive music playlist that your customers and staff  will enjoy.

What Does StoreStreams Offer You?

For the cost StoreStreams offers tremendous value for its services. StoreStreams offers commercial background music services that provide:

  • Custom music playlists
  • Large music selections
  • Day parting “around the clock genre music swaps”
  • Ability to place your own branding and advertisements
  • Scalability that can meet any large multi retail location requirements
  • Affordable pricing
  • A solution that can be integrated into your phone system for on-hold music.
  • An easy to install solution.

Still Not Convinced Here Are More Advantages For Using The StoreStreams As Your Background Music Service.

Additional Advantages :

  • No hardware costs (if you have a mobile device or PC.
  • Music can be completely customized for your retail location.
  • Music can be edited quickly remotely by StoreStreams staff.
  • Easy to implement. Just plug your mobile device into your sound system.

Additional Selling Points Include

  • Huge libraries of music.
  • Sometimes playlists are customized to your business.
  • StoreStreams can update the platform with new features easily without you having to buy new hardware.
  • No need for hardware if you have a computer.
  • Fast and easy to set up.
  • Completely legal we pay all royalties to Pro Music Reporting Agencies.
    In Canada Resound, SOCAN
  • Easy to use and changed playlists.
  • Can be integrated into your phone system for on-hold music.
  • Easy to install.


You want to choose the background music provider that best understands your business and  the atmosphere you want to project to your customers.  StoreStreams will work with you to develop a background music playlist that perfectly reflects your  business vibe and personality.

Need background music for your business?

Contact StoreStreams 
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Houston TX Restaurant Music Service

Houston TX Restaurant Music Service

Houston TX Restaurant Music Service

Choosing restaurant music for your business can be challenging. You want the sound that reflects your restaurant theme and keeps your customers happy.  StoreStreams provides an affordable restaurant music service for Houston Texas restaurant owners.

StoreStreams goes beyond the traditional restaurant music service and can provide digital menu boards, or signage that will make your restaurant look modern, clean and smart.

Digital Signage for Restaurants

The StoreStreams restaurant music service is completely scalable no matter if you have one or hundreds of locations in Houston TX. StoreStreams can standardize your music selection across all your restaurants. The StoreStreams restaurant music platform also provides the ability to play your branded messages within your audio feed announcing specials you may have at your restaurant.

StoreStreams is simple to use and you will need a broadband internet connection to get our restaurant music service.

Need broadband internet services at your business?

Are you a new business in the Houston TX are and need broadband internet services for your business.

Jacqueline Safran Enterprise Account Executive OFFICE PHONE: 281-743-3707 MOBILE PHONE: 281-743-3707 ADDRESS: 8590 W Tidwell Houston, TX 77040 DIVISION: West REGION: Houston




Contact: Jacqueline Safran
Enterprise Account Executive

  • OFFICE PHONE: 281-743-3707
  • MOBILE PHONE: 281-743-3707
  • ADDRESS: 8590 W Tidwell Houston, TX 77040
  • DIVISION: West
  • REGION: Houston

Tell Jaqueliine,  StoreStreams sent you.

StoreStreams is a streaming media music service that can be set it up on a number of playout devices and hardware. Above all else StoreStreams is totally versatile for any size business regardless if you have one or one thousand retail locations with various zones and divisions.

If you’re searching for an affordable restaurant music service in @city that is simple to use and scalable give StoreStreams a call. StoreStreams is priced right with restaurant music service plans starting at just $20.00 per location

Restaurant Music We Play

StoreStreams plays music you know and love. This incorporates making hits-based music programs with mass appeal that reflect your brand and customer demographic. The StoreStreams music service is authorized for business use only in the United States of America and Canada and offers pre-programmed and custom music channels for your business.

StoreStreams Overhead Music Service Offers


Store Streams Inc Restaurant Music Made Simple
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1-(866) 775-1013

StoreStreams Digital Signage & Commercial Background Music Solution at Texas Restaurant Association Show

StoreStreams Digital Signage & Commercial Background Music Solution at Texas Restaurant Association Show

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Media Contact:
Chuck Odom
StoreStreams, Inc.
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Pflugerville, TX 78660


StoreStreams to Launch Integrated Digital Signage & Commercial Background Music Solution at Texas Restaurant Association Show

Strategic Partnerships Deliver Complete Audio/Video Communications System


Austin, TX – June 23, 2016 —  StoreStreams is introducing its complete audio/visual communications system; including unique audio and video communications feeds at the Texas Restaurant Show on June 26 – 27th in Houston, TX.  The solution is a tight integration of the StoreStreams streaming music and messaging product with digital signage leader Scala and reseller Imperatives, Inc.  Inter-M speakers and amplifiers complete the solution for playing your audio across your establishment.  Separate audio and visual inputs offers the choice for completely independent background music and messaging, so the Scala player for your menu boards could be used for background music as well.


StoreStreams is a customized business music and messaging solution.  It enhances existing marketing campaigns by generating product interest through a fully integrated background music and messaging system.  StoreStreams customers are assigned their own music manager to create perfect music mixes while incorporating messages ranging from advertisements to general information.  StoreStream’s service is streamed through the Scala Player and delivers increased value and functionality to Scala installations through the ability to incorporate music and messaging to existing campaigns.  All additions and support is still managed by your existing Scala reseller; however, the integration itself is very easy to implement.

StoreStreams Digital Signage & Business Music Service


Imperatives specializes in providing Scala digital signage solutions to businesses and organizations. For the past 18 years, they have created turn-key digital signage packages for single and multi-site implementations. Imperatives’ goal has been to supply excellent products, creative services, content management and continued technical support to each client.   By integrating StoreStream’s streaming service through a Scala Player, the combination delivers increased value and functionality. It provides the ability to incorporate music and messaging with eye-catching digital signage images.


Some highlights of the solution:

  • Integrated music and digital signage
  • Flexible Display Options
  • Highly Visible Communications
  • Hardware Solutions
  • Programmed Music Imaging
  • Customized Messaging
  • Scalable Digital Media Platform

StoreStreams CTO Roland DeLeon commented that  “our partnerships continue to yield great bundled solutions.  The whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.”  StoreStreams will be at the Texas Restaurant Show in Houston, TX June 26 and 27th in booth 1637.

About StoreStreams

StoreStreams is the turnkey business music and messaging service that integrates seamlessly within retail environments, providing access to a wide-ranging music catalog that complements the atmosphere of any business.  Founded by musicians and music lovers, StoreStreams creates customized, branded radio channels that remove the elevator music stigma, and is driven by technology that ensures the highest quality sound.  StoreStreams guarantees the highest possible uptime for live streaming services without interruption through its regionalized, redundant server environments, offering reliable and scalable services for both the single retail storefront and large business networks with thousands of locations.

Restaurant Music Service

Restaurant Music Service

Commercial Restaurant Music Service

Do you own a restaurant and you are searching for a commercial restaurant music service? If yes then you are at the right place. Utilizing a restaurant music service is not only a good way of keeping your customers happy but it is also a good way of advertising what you have to offer. Storestreams is a company that is dedicated to give you a quality restaurant music service that is 100% legal at a price that is very affordable.

StoreStreams Digital Signage & Menu Booards

The StoreStreams business music service goes beyond your traditional background music service. StoreStreams now offers a complete solutions for restaurant owners that includes integrated digital signage, interactive menu boards and commercial business music service bundled into one solution. Keep in mind that the music you choose for your restaurant traditionally sets the vibe for your patrons and your business. Using the StoreStreams digital media platform expands your restaurants image and messaging capabilities by displaying and marketing what you have prepared for your customers showcasing your upcoming special offers and events.

Using the latest digital signage technology StoreStreams puts your business image on overdrive. StoreStreams provides active menu screens for your customers. Do you have 1 or even 1000 locations? Standardize your stores offering by leveraging the StoreStreams commercial business music service. Storestreams is the scalable background music service regardless of the number of restaurants that you have.

You can be sure that StoreStreams will give you quality services that will even go beyond your expectation at a very affordable price.
Storestreams provides clients a quality commercial business music service, that is simple to use. So if you are looking for a complete fully licensed business music service, call StoreStreams today.

StoreStreams vibe upgrade

StoreStreams Restaurant Music Service Offers:

• A Robust Music Catalog
• New Hit Music Added Weekly
• Yesterday & Today’s Hit Music
• Scheduling and Day Parting
• Customized Music Channels
• Personalized Commercials and Messaging
• Digital Signage / Interactive Menuboards
• Integrated Playback Solution “Web or Hardware”
• 100% Worry Free With All Royalties and Licensing Fess Included
• Easy Streaming Hardware Solutions: Including PC, Tablet, Smart Phone and Internet Radio
• A Business Music Service That Is Scalable To Any Size Restaurant
• Simple Pricing – Business Music Service plans starting at $20.00 a month

About StoreStreams Business Music Service

StoreStreams is the turnkey background music solution for your business. The Store Streams music service is a streaming media solution that integrates seamlessly within your business environment With StoreStreams your business has access to the best in today’s hit music and a wide ranging music catalog to create the perfect vibe for your business!

StoreStreams Inc.
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